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Not fully padded?
I thought that might have been the case.

I personally would suggest that you wear both pads. Since your injured arm is not fully strengthened, it would be wise to fall to your stronger arm more, when you can. And because of that, you should learn to use the elbow pad to fall to, instead of your fore arm or wrist, as that will be stronger for a hard fall (and padded to boot!). Also, that will train you to reflexively use your elbow pads once you get back into skating vert.

I'm so happy you are skating again. :D

: Oh that is my right arm actually lol. I guess I rotated the pic backwards. Yes, only put the elbow pad on my injured arm. I guess I should do both arms but never hurt myself in the rink before that needed much more then wrist guards and knee pads. But since I'm trying to unlearn putting my hands down ever, probably better to have elbows then wrist guards even. I will be the geek that goes in full armour I guess lol. I think its important for me to learn to use my pads on falls at all times so it will be natural on vert. I scrapped my knee pretty bad from falling one time since I'm used to falling on knee pads because that is ingrained.
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