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Not fully padded?
You mean less bending of the knees? Or when I pump, I push the skates forward and backwards. I wasnt going fast sidestance since I didnt want to fall yet lol. I want to learn both ways one day but for the most part I will skate frontstance. I just like challenges. Usually I go sideways at the rink because then I wont get in trouble for skating too fast and its fun to do.

Today the weather is so nice. I want to rollerskate outside. But I will enjoy the bike today. I will ask my dr. monday if I can jump curbs and bomb down hills lol. :-D I've decided I will wear pads at all times now. Just not vert stuff for rink. Its nice to roll again for sure!

: Ya keep rolling and having fun!!! No matter what others do, keep giving the right example, it will reward you in time.
: BTW, on your pict rolling sidestance, your skates seems quite far apart from each other, it might be just atransient, but if it's not, if you can, maybe try to skate with your feet closer, you will get a better balance/feeling on bowls.
: cheers
: : The reality with most kids though is that they quit by the time they are 18. Their knees are bad, etc. After seeing so many people getting knee/joint replacements, I am far beyond now caring. Many people stop skating or hold themselves back rather then look "silly." I've been teased since I was a kid for being small, I'm used to it so I tease myself too lol. Call me twiggy, spaz, olive oil, michellen girl, whatever lol, I love to skate and will. I dont mind, after all I can do my froggy plants one day again and all sorts of funny things on my skates. I may not be the best but I'm sure I'll entertain. :-D
: :
: : : : I will look silly having pads in a rink but who cares lol.
: : :
: : : Indeed, who cares. It's very unpopular with street skateboarders to wear protection. Almost none of them does. "Gruppenzwang" I would call this in German. But one of the best street skateboarders, Jeremy Reinhard, doesn't care and wears pads. He knows what they are good for and his skating is beyond any doubt.
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