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zorg (videos by zorg) (pictures by zorg)
Not fully padded?
Sure individual preference win, skate shape too, hey Claudine, so you have to try ;-) Irene might give a third advice.
For droping/landing vert I try to reduce that space, I have bad memories doing else on the 4m, landing on 10 balls... just my 2cts advice. Propelling on flat, skates a bit more appart, I agree with Biff ;-)

I will try to film on flat next time weather is good!!!


: Hmmm?! I disagree. I skate side stance with my legs pretty far apart and I find it helps me to propel myself, as well as to help stabilize myself. When I am coasting, I will bring them closer together and stand up more....helps me to rest. It my be an individual preference, though.
: My 2 cents,
: Biff
: : BTW, on your pict rolling sidestance,
: : your skates seems quite far apart from
: : each other, it might be just atransient,
: : but if it's not, if you can, maybe try
: : to skate with your feet closer, you will
: : get a better balance/feeling on bowls.
: : zorg
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