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Hot LaWa 09 - state of planning
: : I could pay 50 Euros to the city but I feel it is deeply unjust.
: That is like $65.00 U.S. dollars, right? I would pay it if it pays for the location, toilets, permits, trash receptacles and pick up, and secures the location.

Ha ha, no. The 50 Euro is for a 10 page contract restricting almost everything you can do at the half pipe. Mobile toilet from a private company costs 150 Euro, power from a neighbor 30 Euro, 100 Euro insurance, etc. And it's not possible to pay the 50 Euro because I see it as punishment. I put in effort and time, I bear the financial risk and I have no means to compensate for the city fee. I can balance the other costs (weather and sufficient participants permitting) but I see no way to balance the city fee.
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