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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Hot LaWa 09 - state of planning
: : I ran into similar BS here in the states organizing for
: : RollerCon skatepark tour during my 1st year. They want
: : skaters to adhere to a ridiculously higher standard for
: : some reason. F that!!!
: : PEACE................Jay
: So Jay, tell Bernhard what your solution was, since you ran into similar problems! It might help him with his dilemma. (I feel like your wife Dawn, reminding you to dry the dishes after you wash them. SHEESH!)
: Cheers!
: Biff

LOL!!!! Biff, sometimes I think you just like to encourage my literary ramblings, but you know it doesn't take much encouragement, so here it goes....
My issues were similar, but not the same.
On the 3rd night of the 1st year's (2007) RollerCon SK8 Park Tour I was hassled by the Marshalls for not having previously attained permission to use the park. But understand said park was a PUBLIC SK8 PARK that we were using for skating. We weren't excluding anyone or monopolising the place or anything.
Eventually, after seeing the direction of their interrogation, I realized they (the city aka THE MAN) were worried we (the skater-organizers) were SOMEHOW making money from the venture. I tried for 30 minutes to convince these cops that there was nothing to sell & eventually they grudgingly came to accept that.
My remedy, such as it were, was to not post notices (flyers) at the skateparks that would be stops for the RC tour. I'll be damned if I'll pay fees (or even give notice of my intent) to use public parks for their intended purpose during their posted hours. And I haven't had an issue or encounter with The Man during all 5 stops of 08's RC tour.
That's probably no help to you, Bernard, I know. Because you're having more of an 'Event'. RC SK8 Park Tour is much more informal & unofficial. Hell we aren't even officially a RC event. Though we have link on RC website for 1st time this year! :)
Anyway, I stand firm on F*#K The Man!!! All they wanna do is SK8! They shouldn't have to pay extra $$ for that.

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