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Hot LaWa 09 - state of planning
Jay, thanks for sharing your experience, which actually is very helpful. I'm convinced that the city thinks I am making money off Hot LaWa and that they just can't imagine anyone going through the trouble organizing such an event without making money. Maybe I will have the chance to talk to someone important and convince him that we do not make money by describing the event to him. The annoying aspect of this is, that it much more expensive than paying the fee when I will do this personally and stay off work for a day. But I'd rather loose a day of payment than paying an unjustified fee. It's not my fault that Freiburg lost money by investing in Leeman certificates!

The alternatives are to just strip off everything looking like an event (the mobile toilette, the music) and just tell everybody the date when the Hot LaWa won't take place this year. Another possibility would be to label it as demonstration. We are still formally living in a democracy and have a right to demonstrate which is guaranteed by the German "Grundgesetz" (you know, we still don't have a constitution).

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