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Hot LaWa 09 - state of planning
: : Ha ha, no. The 50 Euro is for a 10 page contract restricting almost everything you can do at the half pipe.
: Restricting it how?

E.g. limiting the noise level (there is no-one livin nearby) or forbidding us to do a BBQ near the ramp (you have to imagine it in a park with a lake where everyone is doing BBQ). And basically making us liable for whatever you can imagine. Really sad.

: So, it is like you are paying them 50 euros so that they can control you even more! In that case, I'd recommend anarchy. Stick it to the Man!!!

Germany is getting ever worse. People like me are enabling the system by paying lots of taxes and then they get punished when they organize something out of idealism. You get punished for idealism in Germany!
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