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First day on the street!
: : Skating in a really smooth underground parking garage is fun! Do it , of course, when there are no cars about. Night time is the long as it is lit. I wouldn't take any ramps that are too steep.
: :
: : Cheers!
: : Biff
: :
: : : I finally rollerskated on the street! It was fun but scary at first. I just went fast in a fairly level empty parking lot. I have the rainskates 59mm 85a wheels. Should I put kryptonics on it? What are fun things (safe) that I can practice besides sidestance. Jumping off the curbs is out but thats the first desire that comes to mind lol. This is not normal I'm sure.....
: welcome back, soft rainskates are probably just what you need right now, krypts will be better on the longboard.
: what a coincidence, we just got home from rolling a highrise carpark in town. good luck + take it easy.
: cheers, h .
Woo Hoo! best to you rolling again, that's good news.
careful tho' and keep those pads on.
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