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First day on the street!
Well no letter yet and tomorrow I get the stitches out, so hopefully 1/2 step forward lol.

I got the 24" wheel race BMX. I went off the curbs and speed bumps. Now I feel a ton better since I cant do that on my skates and been DYING to do that lol.

: Take 1 step take 2 steps backwards. :P
: Cheers!
: Biff
: : I'm happy to rollerskate but still miss the bowls! A LOT!! I hope insurance works out. Since I own a car, I cant get state medical. You cant have anything to get that. And the other chain stores of the bike shop I work at are down on sales so that means they wont hire me full time now. So soon I'll be looking for secretary work or whatever that is full time with benes to get insurance lol. Noones hiring full time in this area!!!!!
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