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First day on the street!
: Hey, the parking garages here say No Bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades. If I went after the work hours or weekends, think I would get in big trouble still?

I would bet on it. Some years ago, I forgot my street roller skates in a train. They have a "lost and found" hotline which I kept calling. They kept telling my they don't have them. I could't imagine anybody stealing my beat-up old-fashioned roller skates so I was pretty sure that they should have them. So finally I asked them to look under "inline skates". They actually filed them in their database under "inline skates"! Well, I stayed frienldy on the phone since I was so happy that I could get them bag for a not-so-small amount of money.

To get to the point: They will tell you that your roller skates are inline skates or at least the same in their mind.
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