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First day on the street!
I'm happy to rollerskate but still miss the bowls! A LOT!! I hope insurance works out. Since I own a car, I cant get state medical. You cant have anything to get that. And the other chain stores of the bike shop I work at are down on sales so that means they wont hire me full time now. So soon I'll be looking for secretary work or whatever that is full time with benes to get insurance lol. Noones hiring full time in this area!!!!!

: Thats awesome Claudine. Now you will be able to skate as your weather starts to get nice.
: : : Hey, the parking garages here say No Bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades. If I went after the work hours or weekends, think I would get in big trouble still?
: :
: : I would bet on it. Some years ago, I forgot my street roller skates in a train. They have a "lost and found" hotline which I kept calling. They kept telling my they don't have them. I could't imagine anybody stealing my beat-up old-fashioned roller skates so I was pretty sure that they should have them. So finally I asked them to look under "inline skates". They actually filed them in their database under "inline skates"! Well, I stayed frienldy on the phone since I was so happy that I could get them bag for a not-so-small amount of money.
: :
: : To get to the point: They will tell you that your roller skates are inline skates or at least the same in their mind.
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