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5 Weeks Til RollerCon!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Everybody!
Just a friendly Reminder: Exactly 5 weeks til the start of the 2009 RollerCon Sk8 Park Tour hosted here in Sin City by yours truly.
I know the Economy Sucks this year. :( I totally feel that myself, but that's another story. However, RollerCon is an EXPERIENCE like None Other, People! Seriously. If you don't believe me, ask someone else who's been there! Irene, Duke, Desi, Lee....I think they'd all tell you, it's something you GOTTA DO. At least once.
I know Irene, Duke, Desi & for the 1st time Brother Biff are all coming this year. I hope more of you can find a way to make it. But I know getting here can be prohibitively costly for most of you. But, if you needed any MORE Motivation to come to the 2009 RollerCon SK8 Park Tour, I give you this, the Official 2009 RollerCon SK8 Park Tour Logo, modeled by my son, Ryder.
Ryder in 2009/PITA Onesie CU

Some of you may remember this image from a couple months ago when I was deciding which image to use. There it is.
Have a great day.. Keep Rollin on 8! PEACE....Jay
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