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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
5 Weeks Til RollerCon!!!!!!!!!!
: : ...But, if you needed any MORE Motivation to come to the 2009 RollerCon SK8 Park Tour, I give you this, the Official 2009 RollerCon SK8 Park Tour Logo, modeled by my son, Ryder.
: I don't want to be a party pooper, but I'd never wear that. Is there another shirt perhaps, maybe one without a logo?
: Sorry. Call me what you will. I guess I'm just manly challenged. :(

The shirts are just something I've done last year & I guess I'll do s few this year, but they're not something that's mass-produced. Or even for sale. Last year I did like a dozen for the homies, that's it. Cost me a couple hundred bucks, but a cool momento.
I don't have any pics of last year's shirts. But this is Ryder wearing his onesie version:
Ryder in 2008/Daddy RC Onesie Close-Up
But the T-shirts actually had Large Image on back & small image (same) on front left breast. I'm not even sure I'm making shirts this year really. But I wanted to get people Psyched about RC. I can't see myself wearing the PITA version either. Of course, I feel pretty funny wearing me on a shirt too.
What are you gonna do? I like wearing my Dying Breed shirts with Duke on 'em. :)
So you definitely WILL be at Stops 3 (Fri) & 4 (Sat)??? Cuz that area 702 park Sat night ( is Bad-Ass AND Indoors (important in Desert in August!) with Killer Vert-Ramp, Killer Wooden Bowl, & Cool new Mini-Vert along with street course. I've rented entire Facility for our use. It's gonna be Epic. Check some footage from there:
Lee In The Bowl Jan. 09:

Irene Ripping Vert Ramp Dec 08 :

Me on new Mini-Vert May 09:

And just because I LOVE it, from Stop 3 Hollywood last year, Duke, Desi & I in HW's 1/2 pipe section:

So, no shirts yet. And if I do them, they're gifts, not sales deals. but if I do 'em, you DEFINITELY get one!
PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jay
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