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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
5 Weeks Til RollerCon!!!!!!!!!!
: : I prefer not to have derby anything shirt myself.
: I can totally respect that. It seems like selling out to have a vert shirt with a roller derby girl on it. They have their niche, and they deserve it. They work hard for it.
: But, we also work hard for our niche. I don't want to feel like Derby girl 'left overs'. I'm proud of my craft.

HEY! I put a Derby Girl on this year's flyer (thus making her this year's logo) because it's through the Derby girls that I have met so many people. I have a direct affiliation with them through RollerCon.
But my Heart belongs to Vert! Make No Mistake. And the shirts are something my wife did last year. Truth to tell shirts with me on them make me feel kinda weird.
I wanted a Derby Girl this year (my 3rd) because I LOVE Vert SO MUCH I'm trying to expose as many People as possible to it. And these days, other than us, derby is where the other rollerskaters are!
But if anyone wants a shirt like last year's let me know in time for RC with your size & I'll get it made for you. They'll have the logo from last year's flyer on them, just the image of me doing handplant on the words "Rollercon Skatepark Tour"... here's that flyer:

And Biff, you asked about Dying Breed shirts those I believe Brother Duke has for sale still, but not sure.....
My shirts are gifts to charge.
Here's Duke's Logo almost as it appears on shirts minus the website...
Duke Rennie

Actually the coloring/shading on his shirts is cooler than this image, but you get the idea.
Selling out! Dam.....Harsh. I SO can't wait to meet you, Biff! I think we're going to get along FAMOUSLY!!!
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