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5 Weeks Til RollerCon!!!!!!!!!!
I have to finish my t-shirt designs. I want one with Irene! Thats a vert skater shirt I would like. I prefer not to have derby anything shirt myself. You would like mine of Brians, although not sure if hes currently skating. I hope I can get up early and might go to the bowls and drop in the deep end of the bowl. I cant keep being scared..... :-O

: I'm definitely going to be there for the three middle days on the tour. Not the first day, or the last day. I'd also definitely wear a shirt like last years. Or especially one with "The Dying Breed" on it! That would be very cool! I'd be more than happy to pay for that. If not, I'll have to get one made myself! That is, if you give me the go ahead to use the art.
: I might go to the skate park tomorrow morning. Will try to get video.
: Getting psyched,
: Biff
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