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Rollerskaters UNITE!! Because I've ruffled some feathers in cyberland.....
on Concrete disciples to be precise.
As I briefly mentioned earlier we were denied the use of an aggro park ala FDR & Burnside (but not AS cool) due to the number of wheels/trucks we happen to prefer.
That's right, Kiddies, I'm afraid I'm referring to ROLLERSKATER DISCRIMINATION!!! I was the only 8-Wheeler who got to roll on their special little 'crete. Concrete that is under a freeway overpass on city land. But that wasn't what got me so fired up. It was the way the 2 douches 'in charge' handled the situation that got me pissed. They tried to intimidate us & made very thinly veiled threats about what would happen if we didn't leave. We had women & children with baby even. This was unwarranted & totally thug-like. I decided then that I was going to cause as much trouble for those guys (both of whom started their rants to me with the phrase "I don't wanna be a Dick, but...") AND "their" precious little park. My wife's already written to the San Diego Parks & Rec Dept AND the Council Presidents of the TWO districts in which this little overpass lives. Now I'm hitting the Sk8 Forums. I invite you guys to visit the thread I started on CD here:

you may have to cut/paste...sorry.

Anyway, I invite you all to comment, repost on your respective local skate forums/blogs etc....i.e. 'Charlie Don't Skate". This is BS & we shouldn't stand for it. I'm not trying to create any riff between us & boarders, far from it. Until 4 years ago I didn't even know other vert skaters still EXISTED, let alone in the numbers we do. I associated myself STRONGLY with boarders. It was a boarder (my best friend) who got me into skating. I sure as Hell didn't feel any affiliation with the bladers! (Sorry, Biff & Raven!) But, having said that, WE WERE HERE 1st!!! They should have some kind of allowance for us. I mean they didn't even rollerkaters on their sign (do they ever?!?) they had to lump me in with etc.!! That Fug'n hurt! (BTW, Joe, I'm TOTALLY stealing that from you!I'll NEVER steal your McTwist, don't worry, but Fug'n is mine! I LOVE that!) I'm not Fug'n Etc.!!! I'm a Fug'n Vertical Rollerskater!!! LOL!!!
In a bit of a tangent, but totally appropriate, the Captcha for this post is "Culture life". I think that's what we do....have.....'culture' in our 'life'. That's why this Pisses me off so much. I wanted to see Duke Sk8 there! And, if they would've allowed it, those 2 goons would've loved it too. Close-minded Dicks. Ahhh...
So, as Always, I open the floor to discussion.....I welcome everyone's criticisms....comments......corrections. whatever you've got......Hell, I'll even start you out with some topics of discussion. LOL!

1: Is Jay trying to incite a sk8 War between boarders & rollerskaters?

2: Did Jay attach that YouTube Vid in his CD rant as he states to show boarders that he's "not a disco skater" or is it as Dawn, Jay's wife suspects "because he's such a Narcissist".

3: Does Jay care what he says publicly or who he might offend on the Wonderful World Wide Web? I'll answer that one too: NO!!!!!!

OK. Thanks, Kids. you all know that I Love YOU, right? Right.

PEACE......................... Jay
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