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Rollerskaters UNITE!! Because I've ruffled some feathers in cyberland.....
OK, first off any discrimination is stupid. The fact that these skateboarders had a bad childhood, came from broken homes, need counsiling, lost their dogs, don't get cable, whatever, is never reason enough to take it out on some other individual or group. Skateboarders have been picked on? Hell, we've all had a turn in the barrel, get over it. I was arrested ( described in subsequent legal documents as "detained")in the 70's for daring to sk8 on the hallowed "Hiking Trail" at a Michigan State Park. The fact that the trail was public and paved or that that walkers, bikers, runners, strollers even wheelchairs were allowed use didn't seem to matter to the authorities(i.e. rent-a-cops). There were no signs prohibiting sk8 activity just a verbal warning which we promptly and patently ignored. Clearly 8 wheels was somehow akin to subversive criminal activity. Maybe that's the irrefutable logic utilized by the aforementioned skateboarders. My point is, eventually they got over it, we were allowed access, and we immediately lost interest. Case closed. Let it go son, there are enough good people out there, especially good quad sk8ing people to be able to ignore the inevitable donkeys we run into. My greatest fear is that this extracurricular endeavor may cut into the time and space allotted to JayTV. Which, by the way, has been sorely missed for a week. That being said, for the record, if they had harmed - in ANY way, Jay, Dawn, Ryder or any of the wonderful people we have met in this sport this would be a completely differant situation and any and all involved would rue the day they were born.

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