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Rollerskaters UNITE!! Because I've ruffled some feathers in cyberland.....

Hey Bernhard,
How's things in Germany? I hope all's well & you can sk8 wherever you like! Or at least anywhere conveyances with trucks are welcomed.
I continue to be amazed @ your total fluency in a foreign tongue, Brother. Enemy du jour, indeed! LOL!
Personally I have no intention of going back to this park, I didn't as of 945am that morning & after my cyber-rant I'm sure I'm the enemy du annee over there now!
However, my devious plot, such as it is, is to incite the local BMXers into pushing the city to let them in. I can tell you from personal experience @ Anthem that once that happens, "your" park is never yours again. And the BMXers would LOVE that place. They don't care that the 'crete is pitted or of different textures/slickness like those of us on urethane do, Brother!
If the city gets enough hassle...or even just the right hassle from someone with a friend/relative on the city council or Parks & Rec's all over for the Nazis @ Wash. St.
Anyway, thanks for listening, thanks for the Support, thanks for the French lesson (from a German dude who speaks/writes Perfect English!!) &, of course, THANKS for the Forum!!!
PEACE.................... Jay
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