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Rollerskaters UNITE!! Because I've ruffled some feathers in cyberland.....
Hey Jay,

: How's things in Germany?

Cold and wintery. At least it's dry at the moment so I took my motorcycle and rode to the hot springs to get a bit warmth back into my chilled bones. Much better now.

: I hope all's well & you can sk8 wherever you like! Or at least anywhere conveyances with trucks are welcomed.

Ah, it's not always so. About 10 years ago, they had an indoor park in Berlin which was inline skaters only. No wonder it doesn't exist any more. And two years ago I was skating, at [url= Skatehalle[/url]. Inline skaters where explicitly forbidden (I would have done the same in their place since you can't get inlines to not wax a coping. So it's better to keep them out). The warden wasn't quite sure what to make of me. He came over several time an looked quite indecisively. But he didn't say anything. And I also a "Nobody will kick you out for that stuff but they will give you the feeling to leave." (quoting "Arrogant Bastard" at the CD forum) 20 years ago at the Münster half pipe. And I also can follow the arguments of "blkprjkt43". "Etiquette dictates, respect their deal, no questions asked, regardless of where they built it." And he also says "As skateboarders, the furthest thing from our minds is whether skating is 'socially acceptable'. In other words, we don't give a fuck whether people like us or hate us. We don't do what we do for acceptance, we never did. We do it because it's what we do and what we love, and it makes us who we are." Well, I couldn't put this better. Why should I strive for acceptance by a society who worships the Olympics and the Tour de France? No way! I'd rather strive for acceptance by other skaters.

: I continue to be amazed @ your total fluency in a foreign tongue, Brother. Enemy du jour, indeed! LOL!

Hey, thanks! But I'm sure my spoken English is much worse. I know most of my English from reading a lot.

Anyhow, I do not have any such skate park close by. So be happy for all the parks where you can skate. I wouldn't wage war against those skateboarder. Partly because I'd respect them for building their parks (but not for all of their rules. A "too many pads" rule is just plain stupid). Partly because I think war is a bad thing per se. And last not least because there are way too few roller skaters to afford a war against every other group you can imagine.

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