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Rollerskaters UNITE!! Because I've ruffled some feathers in cyberland.....

Hey Biff!
As Usual you've seen to the crux of the Issue. They're Fug'n Hypocrites. I read their little website before my rant AND I considered going into the modified sk8 angle. Dawn argued against the video inclusion on the grounds that it was not going to be well received AND the narcissism thing. I felt it WAS necessary just to demonstrate that I did have the prerequisite skills to sk8 @ a sk8park. I'm sure you've had reactions from people when you say you rollersk8 in sk8parks that were less than what you'd hoped for. Well I knew these guys on CD were Militant & the Nazis @ WS had already shown their stripes, so I was trying to prep these guys to the notion that people w/o boards might actually have legit reasons to be @ the park.
If you read my reply to Bernhard you'll see what my "Evil Plan" for those guys is. I'm busily trying to find a BMX forum right now. LOL! Their lives would've been easier if they'd have just let us sk8 for 20 min. Now, I've got a Vendetta.
So, have you been on CD to see how many Nasty, Negative, Anti-Rollersk8r replies I've garnered? It's pretty Hilarious. I actually saved an image that someone posted, as an insult to my sexuality I believe, cuz I liked it so much. Plus, 1 dude + 4 babes on sk8s = :) to me any-fug'n-way!
Well, have a gr8 day. Go sk8 somewhere that your skills obviously outshine the local boarder contingent for me. LOL! Take Raven too, of course!
PEACE..... Jay
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