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Jay, you have no right to tell everyone here; "I think it's WAY outta line to give criticisms of the type Biff has here on Art".

Claudine has that right.....not you. She often asks for opinions on her art and we often give it to her. In this particular case, Claudine stated "Somehow it doesnt look right". Based on that comment, I was trying to offer my perspective on it in order to be helpful, and definitely not hurtful.

Do not jump to conclusions and then act as Judge, Jury, and Executioner. Your quick condemnation of my comments leads me to believe that you already felt this way towards me. I even started out my post with :

"I hope you do not mind a few observations, as I mean NO DISRESPECT at all. I could never do a sculpture even half as good as yours. My intent is 'CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM'. Feel free to let me know if you'd prefer me to not pipe in. "
(did you even read this part?)

Jay, you are the one who is out of line. Please show a little more decorum and respect for others. I thought we were friends.

To all here on the forum, I respect you all, and never post anything that is meant to be disrespectful. If I do post something that you might question, please contact me, here or privately, so that we can hash out any preconceptions before comments are made that cannot be undone. All my comments regarding Claudine's sculpture were meant with the utmost respect for her abilities as an artist. I am sorry that my comments were misinterpreted to mean anything impugning.
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