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Biff, I know you meant no disrespect. I was just explaining how I feel about skating and why the pose is the way it is and just explaining the process. I'm used to getting slammed, fired, yelled at, stepped on, told I'm a stupid shit, so like used to criticism to the grave man. I was just letting people know how things are built since I assume that being a roller skater like me thats curious how things work/are built, some might be interested. We all seem more artsy/creative as roller skaters eh?

I also dont spend time on parts that dont seem right til I am OK with what I'm working on. I was just debating going to the do rag thing so that was my question. I was just sharing the process and my excitement. If you guys just want the finished product, thats OK too. Even the old ladies in my class are amazed and enjoy watching my skaters come alive which cracks me up, and I get plenty of kudos from them lately. The pics dont do it justice so either way I'm happy. I dont do many things well, I just like to share the few things I feel I can succeed in.

Dont lose it at Jay, he also meant no harm to you I can tell. Jay is my roller skating brother in my eyes! He is a peace and love guy from head to toe. He was just backing me up as I am just a runt really so I appreciate his kindness on my part. Dont take it personally Biff or turn this into something, you are a tough guy unlike me. I would say more but a little under the weather today so lets all chill, K? Peace and love folks. Biff you can skate circles around me and others. You can stand on your podium and attack the ramps and I will skate just for the love of it and express it the best way I can too, through joy through my art and big smiles. :-D

No fighting dudes, just get up and smile at the skates we all have and the ability to keep doing this stuff! Isnt it amazing???? Some people cant even walk anymore much less roll. We are all very lucky here on this forum.

Skate and smile all the time, hehehehhe, YEP!
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