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Whoa. I've been offline a few days. Guess that's not a bad thing.
Biff, I didn't mean any DISrespect if that is what you're insinuating I did. I was just sticking up for Art in general & Claudine in Specific. We ARE Friends. Which is why I felt I could speak my mind plainly. Anyone who knows me, even those of you who only know me via the internet, know that I say what I think. I never claim to speak for anyone else OR be an authority on ANYthing. But I AM an opinionated S.O.B. So what?
I, for one, couldn't draw a straight line with a fug'n yardstick. My father & daughter on the other hand BOTH are gifted artists in multiple mediums. Like Claudine. I happen to respect that greatly. All the more so since I have no skills in that area myself. Frankly, I was surprised AND Honored that Claudine AGAIN chose to share her UNFINISHED Art with us. I thought you were a bit harsh & was trying to defend Claudine from that. But I guess that wasn't necessary. Apparently she has thicker skin than you do, Biff. So, again, no disrespect intended. If your feelings were/are hurt. I'm sorry. But, go easy on Claudine in the future, Bro. Seriously. I mean you couldn't even see that Irene was still skate-less. It's obviously a work in progress. We're privileged to even see it. OK?
Damn. I had no idea there was Drama. And I was involved. Kind of. Anyway, I hope this is the end of that. I dislike Drama.
I skated with some boarder friends of mine last weekend. I made a movie. I'll share it in a new thread. I hope we're cool, Biff.
Claudine WAS right. I meant nothing by it AND I'm a Peace & Love guy. Do YOU have a peace symbol tattooed on your arm?? I do. And TWO giant rollerskates too. :-) Soooooooo


BTW: I consider the above matter closed. PEACE
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