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Hey people, what's up? Any sandstorm affecting the collective mood of all American roller skaters?

Pace, brothers and sisters! Pax vobiscum!

I think no one wanted to hurt the feelings of anyone. Claudine is doing great art of a very special kind: It's quite unique in the space of roller skating art. I think we all are happy to see this and also to see it in progress. We even learn a bit about how you have to work with the material. Biff just shaered what he saw with his eyes on small picture which can hardly convey the grandness of the real think. Nevertheless, his comment was invited and therefore not inappropriate per se. He has his own way with words which is difficult sometimes to me too but I think I have learned that he is well meaning.

Besides, I am sure that we all enjoy the feeling of just rolling and floating, especially if we haven't been able to do so for some time. What a joy to roll, what excitement to feel the transition rising! Yes, I freely admit to enjoy rolling but also to crave for more. And I think that's the same for every roller skater. And I always loved the way the best roller skaters in the world accepted those who could't perform the raddest tricks into their family. Let's build on that spirit and keep it that way.
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