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1) Your defending Claudine was not needed for 2 reasons :
a) There was never an attack on Claudine.
b) Also, she can defend herself.

2) I never insinuated that you said something disrespectful. I stated very clearly that what you said was disrespectful to me.

3) We are obviously NOT friends. Your dismissive response to my feelings reflects an imperious attitude, and shows that you disregard others feelings as insignificant to your own. As does your statement that you "...consider this matter closed". It is not.

4) Saying 'no offense intended', right after saying something offensive, does not negate the offensive statement :
"Apparently she has thicker skin than you do, Biff."
Was that meant to make me feel better?

5) I do not have a tattoo of a peace symbol on my arm, or anywhere else. Just having such a tattoo does not mean that the wearer reflects said properties. I also have NEVER told YOU that you were "WAY outta line". A peaceful person would show more respect.

6) I am further dis-respected by your referring to my personal feelings as 'Drama'. And you were not "Kinda" involved; You were the cause of the drama. You still ignore the fact that you offended me. You lay this entire debacle at my feet and claim no responsibility whatsoever. Man up.

I regret that my words about Claudine's art were taken the wrong way; especially since I was simply trying to be helpful after her statement "Somehow it doesnt look right". Even while trying to frame my comments beforehand as helpful advice, it was taken the wrong way. I accept that my actions caused problems. You however, do not seem to be able to do this.

Your efforts to minimize my "Drama", and demean my comments as irrelevant, has not helped bring "peace".
We are not "Cool".
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