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New quad skate design
I finally finished building my new quad skates. There are only a few minor modifications that I'd still like to do to them. But, for now, I'll regale you w/ how they are now.....including glorious pictures.

I started with the current ski plates, skateboard trucks, & wheels that were on my existing skates :

I bought cross country ski boots which are soft, flexible, & yet give ankle support while not interfering with side stance skating :

I got my different plastic pieces in order to make 3 layers for the slide plate. One piece is simply a riser pad. The second piece is a middle riser pad that is a wider support system. The third piece is the wide riser pad.

I cut the first layer to go between the trucks as the main riser pad; & I drilled holes through it to lighten the weight :

The second layer was cut so that it spread out to support the slider plate. I also then drilled holes through it to lighten the weight.

For the slider, I had to cut out parts of the plastic to fit between the wheels & over the trucks.

Then, I drilled holes to lighten it, as well as shaping grooves & angles for grinding & sliding :

Here are the finished skates :

If yopu want more details, go to my photobucket account which has more pics HERE.

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