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New quad skate design
Rubio, I look forward to detailed pics of your 4 piece sliders. And I look forward to your new video.

: Biff, tries to make the slide into 4 pieces.
: I have it done in 4 pieces and you take away weight and also get into the right lateral inclination for the copy.
: I think I put some photos here from my side, or if I can post some for you after you see them.
: I on the side from within, I have put a different measure to outsiders.
: With interiors 1 centimeter shorter than those outside, get a very good stability for ufo ufo frontside and backside and exteriors with 1 centimeter longer, do better what frontside and backside unity.
: To be made ​​into 4 pieces and have nothing in the middle, lets a little flexivilidad the slides and are not as rigid.
: I've been this week in France bordeaux sk8park skating on, proving my new slides.
: I like to skate with Zorg, but he had a lot of work.
: Just record a few videos for you to see, so I'll post the video editing to upload it soon

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