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New quad skate design
They absolutely ROCK! I decided the slide plates needed to be wider, to keep the wheels from catching, and lower for the same reason. I've been at the skatepark this last Monday, and then again today, and all of the skateboarders are freaking out about how cool they are!! Even the inline skaters were checking them out!

I could put the plans somewhere here for others to build their own. I've had at least 5 different people tell me that I should get a patent on them. Crazy!! I'm thinking that I could make these plates for a decent price, with the built on sliders, but I'm not sure their would be enough of a demand to do any serious production of them. I also do not know how quick I could crank them out, as it took a long time drilling all the freaking holes through the stock materials. (I'd definitely streamline that process)

Already, I'm doing tricks that I could never do before. Frontside Tabernacles as well as switch backside Tabernacles, Fakie X-grinds, Switch side Sweat Stance, etc..... I am so stoked!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing I want to change is to fan out the lock-in H-block near the outer edges so it won't bind on curved coping or rails.

The weight, I am not so sure of. I'll get back to you on that. But, it doesn't seem to feel any different than my previous skates. I am in skater heaven right now.

How are things in France, Zorg?? I have not heard much from you lately. Are you getting much skating in, or is the weather interfering??
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