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New quad skate design
I agree with Rubio. Over the years, I've made several major alterations to my skates. Each time, it seems that it has been for the best to have done so.

The first change was to use skateboard trucks. So much better than roller skate trucks!! More stable and less repairs needed. It also allowed me to lengthen the wheel base.

My second major change was to go to skateboard wheels. They do not catch on the coping nearly as much. Then, I went to harder skateboard wheels which go faster and slide better; which is much better for ledges, coping, and rails.

The third change was adding Able frames for doing slides. I quickly realized that they needed modifying to work better for quad skates. Each modification has been wider and lower to the ground. The lower I go, the better; As it prevents my trucks from hanging up on the coping, ledges, or rails.

Years ago, I would NEVER have thought that I would have such a set up, but I am so very glad that I do. Btw, Rubio, thanks for the pictures! It looks like your sliders are more like a xsjado frame.

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