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New quad skate design
: Very good biff.
: Soon I will have to see the unity and sheets and many more tricks with these side like mine

Last night, I was practicing front and backside Tabernacles. I'm always trying new tricks, as much as I can think of them, but I almost never know the name of them. I usually have to ask Raven, my son, who aggressive inline skates.

I have realized that there are two more modifications I want to perform to the sliders to get them really working well:

1) I need to widen the h-block lock-in groove near the edges so that my feet will have a little more 'wiggle' room. Right now, it locks in a little too tight on ledges and coping, and they perform a little poorly on curved obstacles. I'll keep it narrow only in the middle of the h-block (about a 1/2" wide or 1.27 cm).

2) I also need a shallow groove (1" or 2.54 cm) going from the front of the skate to the back of the skate. Right now, any kind of 'soul' trick on a rail shifts around too much.

Once I do these touch ups, I think I'll be as happy as a clam!!!
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