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More Equpment Advice
For all of the years I skated, I never really knew anything about equiptment. When times got rough and there were no places to buy skates, I just picked up anything that looked good. My skates are at least 14 years old. I have a Reidell RS 1000 bood and Magnum yellow plates. Can anyone tell me what might be comparable? I see the prices vary from $149 to $599. I am just looking for something that will give me the same quality as what I have now. I saw that my plates are gong for $125 right now. I am thinking I can keep them until I break them and just get a boot. Anyone have any advice? I don't want to spend a lot of money untill I get back to my old skill level. Does anyone know anything about the Carerra boot? Rollergirl has some cool skates for $299. Has anyone tried them? I think I will keep my plate and everything else until I spend some time out there. I welcome all advice because I don't know about the equiptment today and really never have. I would like some slide bars, but I am used to a little jump bar that has gotten bent to the plate and that is where I do footplants and plate stalls. Or at least I used to.

Also, I have seen a lot of pics that are awesome, but am wondering why nobody does front or back flips anymore? We used to call them Miller Flips and the front flip had a skateboard name that I can't remember. While on inlines I started doing a brainless, which is like a Mctwist, but you do a back flip and turn during and land frontwards. I also started doing some 540 McTwists, but then they screwed up my back flip.


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