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Thanks for the input. Today I went to a roller rink and got new toe stops, which makes me happy. I also got the tools that I would need to change them as well as a skate key to change wheels and loosen trucks. My skates are starting to mold to my feet again so I may be ok for a while. The owner was really cool and recommended either what I have now, which is the RS 1000 125 or the Carerra. The Careera was only $80 so that might be a good pick. As soon as I get up to speed and find someone to take some pics, then I will share. I am so motivated to get back into skating.


: Quad boots really haven't changed a lot. they're typically still made of leather (or nylon sometimes if you use hockey boots). Over in France there are a lot of skaters who use the well padded aggro inline boots. Your plates should stand up. I use Sure-Grip XK-4's, a similar plate, just less expensive. It stands up to my 250 pound mass (I was heavy into the weights when I was younger). I've broken a couple of kingpins, but that was from metal fatigue not jumps.
: If you want to eventually get into grinding you'll need to get into the double action (upper and lower cushion) style plates, like the Super X or Century. The 3 inch and 4 inch wide Sure-Grip trucks will fit on them. Lisa at would probably be the way to go as she is also a vert skater so she knows what a vert skater needs.
: For now some duct tape will at least give you some more time out of your old faithfuls while you look around.
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