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More Equpment Advice
Quad boots really haven't changed a lot. they're typically still made of leather (or nylon sometimes if you use hockey boots). Over in France there are a lot of skaters who use the well padded aggro inline boots. Your plates should stand up. I use Sure-Grip XK-4's, a similar plate, just less expensive. It stands up to my 250 pound mass (I was heavy into the weights when I was younger). I've broken a couple of kingpins, but that was from metal fatigue not jumps.

If you want to eventually get into grinding you'll need to get into the double action (upper and lower cushion) style plates, like the Super X or Century. The 3 inch and 4 inch wide Sure-Grip trucks will fit on them. Lisa at would probably be the way to go as she is also a vert skater so she knows what a vert skater needs.

For now some duct tape will at least give you some more time out of your old faithfuls while you look around.

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