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More Equpment Advice
: : I can't say anything about low cut boots and regular plates for vert skating since in Europe no one uses such a set-up. The set-up used in Europe most of the time is some kind of base (full-metal, wood or a sandwich of wood and metal) with skateboard truck attached.
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: : It also struck me not to see any flip tricks when I was in the USA. In Europe, the Danish were doing really lots of flip in most unimaginable variations.
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: The Carrera boot is great and holds up well under the wear and tear.

It looks really nice. I'd really love to have this boot on a pair of street skates for me.

: One Dane comes to mind when on the topic of flips....Rene Hulgreen (rollerskater, then inliner)

He has even got a web site of his own now:

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