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: I can't say anything about low cut boots and regular plates for vert skating since in Europe no one uses such a set-up. The set-up used in Europe most of the time is some kind of base (full-metal, wood or a sandwich of wood and metal) with skateboard truck attached.
: It also struck me not to see any flip tricks when I was in the USA. In Europe, the Danish were doing really lots of flip in most unimaginable variations.
The Carrera boot is great and holds up well under the wear and tear. It's supportive, yet has adequate lateral movement and there is very little break-in time needed. I thinks it's less expensive than the leather racing boots. My old skates were leather racers, but I like the Carrera more. More support and cushioning and longer lasting than racing boots. I think if you can mount your existing setup onto new boots and replace rubbers and pivots in your trucks, that's all you need for now. Maybe new wheels down the line for ramp riding and clean and lube your bearings.

One Dane comes to mind when on the topic of flips....Rene Hulgreen (rollerskater, then inliner)

I also was breaking grind bars (3 stacked) until Rollergirl produced some that work great. No more troubles there!
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