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Skateboarders vs Eightwheelers
Hi Robert,

I skate with a Rollerskater nearly every vert session. His name is Jochen Biel, and he keeps the GreenRamp alive. I call him my friend.
We also have several vert inliners who regularly skate our ramp who I call my friends and I am having fun with them. I totally dig vert rollerskating, but I do not like vert inline skating. It just does not seem right. I looks so..............I donīīt know what to call it.

I always say: "You can only grind trucks, not shoes"

I hate it when they wax metal coping, it is just dangerous. I (usually) donīt dis them or anything. I live with them, they are around.
I can also say, that I have done some things for vert rollerskating as I was the co-organiser for a lot of GreenRampJams.
Vert inline skating saved our ramp when skateboardig was down.
Just to let you know.

Snakeboarding is a lot worse...............
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