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Skateboarders vs Eightwheelers
I think we have the unique opportunity as rollerskaters to school the younger crowd since we attract their attention, cuz rollerskates are a new thing to them. We can remind them how lucky they are that skaters past have set the path for them with modern parks and tricks that have evolved over generations. The dedication to travel great distances to skate a backyard ramp, making the time when it was okay to skate it. To trespass to ride an empty pool, when there was nothing else to skate. We'd heist plywood from contruction sites just to build a quarter pipe, rolling down the streets at nite, 4x8s on our skateboards. But that's what made it fun and memorable. Kids had more respect for the established skaters at local spots and had to earn their place. Now it's lotsa spoiled brat attitude. Kids have too many toys and master none of them. I love kids that just love to skate and think of nothing else. No fears, peer pressure, equipment jabber....just shut up and skate. Fun times.... that's what its all about.


: : I started this thread because of what someone said in a thread that I read. My whole point was that we all do what we love and should appreciate the skills of others. I guess that us old farts get it, but we need to teach the youngsters.
: I don't know. I think the whole atmosphere has been more relaxed in the older days and this didn't depend very much in the age. I think the times have changed. I also know some old fart skateboarders who are very intolerant towards anybody not skateboarding. Maybe they will get softer with age. Lets wait for another 30 years and see. But I totally agree with you that we should preach more tolerance to the kids. Hopefully they will listen.
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