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Skateboarders vs Eightwheelers
In Germany "fruity" has (as far as I know) no gay connotation whatsoever. I think I have to try calling an inline "Fruchtstiefler" sometime and see how he reacts. ;-)

: Here in the eastcoast the term meant that inlining was gay or fruity and that they should be skateboarding instead, although skateboarders felt comfortable with rollerskaters. Go figure? If you're on wheels...go roll around and have fun.

Rollerskaters seem to be among the most tolerant people on wheels. I guess it also has to do with only so few of them being there. They can't afford a war on one of the bigger groups so they have to get along with the others. It's similar with the snakeboarders. I also never saw a snakeboarder dissing a skateboarder, inline skater or roller skater.
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