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Irene, I have a question
Irene, it is so cool to see a woman that is in her 40's skating. When I skated aspo about twenty years ago, there were some really good and nice women that skated. I was twelve so I could not appreciate the dynamic atmosphere that was going on. I just skated and that was it. I read how Rollergirl made some jump bars or plates for you. I am skating on my old school skates that seem to be the norm for these days with non vert skaters. I have a magnum plate. Can the bar fit my plate? I am guessing the size matters. I think this plate is a 7. I am not in a hurry, but my new goal in life is to skate with old school people like me and experience the things I should have twenty years ago.

: Here in the eastcoast the term meant that inlining was gay or fruity and that they should be skateboarding instead, although skateboarders felt comfortable with rollerskaters. Go figure? If you're on wheels...go roll around and have fun.
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