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Skateboarders vs Eightwheelers
Hi all,

I started this thread because of what someone said in a thread that I read. My whole point was that we all do what we love and should appreciate the skills of others. I guess that us old farts get it, but we need to teach the youngsters. Actually, we need to teach the generation before them. I guess it really does not matter, but I was a fruit booter and anything else they may have called us rollerskaters. I don't remember hearing that stuff because back then people just loved to skate. I am definitely not on a mission, but I think we need to teach these youngsters a little respect for which they are benefiting. They are blessed with concrete skateparks everytwhere and in most cases do not even have to pay. I used to just show up and skate, but if I run into a snot nosed kid with an attitude, I just may give him a little history and let him know how lucky he is. lol

: Here in the eastcoast the term meant that inlining was gay or fruity and that they should be skateboarding instead, although skateboarders felt comfortable with rollerskaters. Go figure? If you're on wheels...go roll around and have fun.
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