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claudine (videos by claudine) (pictures by claudine)
has anyone tried these wrist guards?
They are made from a company called Hillbilly and they are called Half-Ass. Heres a link to them also. Not a bad price either!

They look like the triple 8 hired hands I have but have a spoon like sliding piece like the prodesigned guards. That would be even better. I'm finding the HH inflexible now though if I want to do grabs. But I will take one of the pieces of plastic out when the time comes. But even so, the small is actually too wide for my hands and they are fairly stiff. I was thinking next year when my wrist guards are trashed, I would get the prodesigned ones, but those ramps are like frying pans in the summer and I tend to hit the top of my hands a lot too.

If you've tried them, can you grab, do handplants with them? I love the donkey on them! I might try them out next spring/summer when its time.
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