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has anyone tried these wrist guards?
: : Well, I need my hands in order to work. Thats why I cant risk it.
: Me too. I didn't want to seen suggesting that you shouldn't protect your hands. I use leather gloves myself.
: : I like them cause I can slide on the metal. Really helps in falls although I would like to learn to not hit my hands at all.
: Yep. When falling, you should try to just slide on your knee pads. Much more elegant! To achieve this, you have to put you way in the other direction, i.e. behind. In contrast to putting your weight before your skates when skating.

Oh gosh, trying NOT to land on my butt though! I was out a month cause of that one. Working on just landing on my knee pads but since I'm not always in front of my skates, which seems to be the right way to skate, I land backwards still. Getting better now though now that I figured this out!!

But here are my gloves now. I've only been using them I think 6 weeks. Already the metal piece is wearing away at the leather. So I need to fix that up somehow with more leather, duct tape, not sure. I sometimes must thing I'm a longboarder lol, cause on the ramps, I like to bounce off my hands. So you can see, they are still being used and abused. I guess I havent been skating long enough to learn how to not use my hands. The last week or so I am suddenly not falling as much which is REALLY good!
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