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has anyone tried these wrist guards?
: I never use wrist guards. My wrists are rather strong (surely not unbreakable). The advantage of a wrist guard is not that they avoid fractures, but rather that they shift the fracture point away from the critical wrist. Therefore they are probably useful. I do use gloves, however. To me it is important to protect my finger tips and nails. I need those for guitar playing.

Well, I need my hands in order to work. Thats why I cant risk it. I like them cause I can slide on the metal. Really helps in falls although I would like to learn to not hit my hands at all. Maybe later down the road I wont need them, just a broken wrist would cause me to lose my job probably.

From what I've heard, that type of leather is more flexible. I dont know much about leather honestly. Just I seem to do a good job distroying it lol.
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