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has anyone tried these wrist guards?
: Oh gosh, trying NOT to land on my butt though! I was out a month cause of that one. Working on just landing on my knee pads but since I'm not always in front of my skates, which seems to be the right way to skate, I land backwards still. Getting better now though now that I figured this out!!

Ah, OK. My statement was a bit misunderstandable. So, you have your weight in front, right? But sometimes you lose control nevertheless and fall. You pull up your feet then and land on your knee pads. Next you take your weight back. And then you slide down on just your knee pads (and your toes, that's why I have this piece of plastics in front of my shows).

: I guess I havent been skating long enough to learn how to not use my hands. The last week or so I am suddenly not falling as much which is REALLY good!

True, it's best not to fall at all. But you should be able to do it right when it happens. And learning a better falling technique takes practice and concius effort. I have to admit that my falling technique is by far not as good as I would like. In general I avoid falling alltogether.
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