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claudine (videos by claudine) (pictures by claudine)
has anyone tried these wrist guards?
: leather is good:
: -doesn't melt down like plastic when you slide on them
: -better for perspiration
: wrist guards or gloves (like other protections):
: -help sliding on them, not burning your skin, avoid wood needles on wood ramps...
: Wrist guards:
: -should protect your wrist to break up to some limits
: -some of them limit to much movments for hand plants
: So the one you presented seems good, if you can remove one or 2 of the bars, you can still adjust their flexibility.

I think I can take out the back one! Hopefully in another year, I will not need the support as much and by next summer, I should be doing handplants I'm sure! I just found out that there is a place an hour away that is an indoor skatepark called Charmcity. So as long as I have income, thats what I like to do with my freetime.
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