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were are they
Thats what I figured, money. I just cant imagine after you've mastered the basics, why else anyone would switch. You can carve/"surf" on roller skates, not on inlines. Not in the same way. The balance is easier on inlines/cant fall forward, you can watch people/take lessons easily with inlines, its socially accepted/in, they are much lighter for jumping high since the base is light, guess they are better if grinding is your thing since you can easily clasp onto round rails, so I see why beginners and kids would choose inlines. I feel the pressure and frustration myself not having any one to watch or learn from in person and my skates are made fun of at times. At times I think it would be easier to start out on them. But otherwise, I cant imagine stepping down from the fun of roller skates to static inlines without the trucks. Roller skates are just so much more fun!

: The switchings happened at the early phase of the inline boom. Inline was very new and exciting back then. One reason of switching to inlines back then I could imagine was that it was possible to make some money out of your talent. There never was a lot of money in vertical roller skating.
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