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were are they
: Thats what I figured, money. I just cant imagine after you've mastered the basics, why else anyone would switch.

Indeed. Why would anyone.

: You can carve/"surf" on roller skates, not on inlines. Not in the same way. The balance is easier on inlines/cant fall forward,

Can be debated. I find it easier to balance on roller skates most of the time.

: guess they are better if grinding is your thing since you can easily clasp onto round rails,

Most skateboarder wouldn't term this as grinding but rather as sliding. The argument is that you need metal to grind.

: so I see why beginners and kids would choose inlines.

I'm sure the main reason for this is social. Although they would try to argue on a rational base. But IMHO it boils down to what's conforming and socially acceptable.

: Roller skates are just so much more fun!

Amen to that!
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