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You wore me in lol! I went to the sports store, just messin around. They had these Fuzion Asphalt carving scooters, one as a floor model to test out, kinda like a long board with a handle. Man I had a blast, too much fun, so much I had to get the floor model lol. But its cool cause here there are some killer hills at intersections with no grass. I havent yet figured out how to stop on a dime on steep hills with speed with my roller skates. Plus like today, I hit my hip hard yesterday and twisted my arm so I'm sore. This would allow me to skate without really fallin much for days my body needs a rest. Reminds me of my mountain bike crossed with a longboard. I'm pretty small so I can still pass for a teenager from a distance so noone will know different.

So now I'm off to see if I can pull a 360 on it lol, and carve some hills. I can lift it already and balance on the 2 back wheels and fly down the hills. You can even carve bowls with it. OK, so now the inliners will really hate me. Once I total it, I can move onto a long board/skateboard deal. So now I have 2 fun toys to keep me happy! This will be my second car. :-D With the price of gas now, it'll pay for itself in a week or so. I think I'll put my krypto 70s wheels on there soon. I plan on growing up one day, like maybe when I hit 70 lol. Meantime, I like to cruise with my little wheels!

: : I live in Maryland, USA. So thats a little far for now but that sounds like a BLAST! :-D I've been messing around a touch with a skateboard that was given to me, not good but its also a lot of fun. One day I hope to flip it lol. I stood on a longboard in the sports store and it looks like tons of fun. Do you have sliding gloves? One day. I think I need to win the lottery lol.
: with my longboard i love to cruise and go downhill.yeah for slides i use gloves..see keep it alive for my rollerskate setup.. so greetz from da cannarys
: xaxa
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