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were are they

: : You can carve/"surf" on roller skates, not on inlines. Not in the same way. The balance is easier on inlines/cant fall forward,
: Can be debated. I find it easier to balance on roller skates most of the time.
Well, when I put on inlines, I can lean all the way forward and no matter how far or how much weight I put forward, I cannot fall forwards. This is not true on roller skates. Then again, I have normal length plates. I've been debating getting a full length sole plate since I believe this would eliminate this balance issues and make dropping in vertical much more easy and relaxed. I''m just not sure if I would lose maneuverability with this or what else.

: : so I see why beginners and kids would choose inlines.
: I'm sure the main reason for this is social. Although they would try to argue on a rational base. But IMHO it boils down to what's conforming and socially acceptable.
TRUE! But if you have people you can watch, lessons available, etc. its much easier to follow and pick up. I've been very frustrated recently because I have noone to watch how to drop in, etc. I usually pick up things best through direct observation. Very hard if you've never even seen another person on roller skates outside in your lifetime lol. Sad but true...

: : Roller skates are just so much more fun!
: Amen to that!

No arguement here lol! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my roller skates. :-D
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