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were are they
: : when the wave are too big for surfin or choppy, i go out with my boogie/bodyboard.. i love it!! its the only thing which stokes me here.. my skates are in germany and i can only surf, boogieboard and longboardskate here in the moment..
: : i will go in november to germany for 3 or 4 day to collect my reststuff and bring it here to the canaries..
: : so were are you comming from?
: : if you like you can visit me in fuerteventura for surfin..
: : just gimme a mail...
: : so greetz
: : xaxa
: :
: I live in Maryland, USA. So thats a little far for now but that sounds like a BLAST! :-D I've been messing around a touch with a skateboard that was given to me, not good but its also a lot of fun. One day I hope to flip it lol. I stood on a longboard in the sports store and it looks like tons of fun. Do you have sliding gloves? One day. I think I need to win the lottery lol.
with my longboard i love to cruise and go downhill.yeah for slides i use gloves..see keep it alive for my rollerskate setup.. so greetz from da cannarys

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